KeČaTa Internet Community

KeČaTa Internet Community is a collection of websites and people who contribute to them. So, it covers a very wide range of subjects. But this specific website is all about how the community works.

KeČaTa Internet Community Websites

These websites are the heart of the community. Because they include interactive features that encourage members to solve problems and learn new facts. So these websites include:

  • bbPress forums to ask questions and share experiences and opinions.
  • CoursePress courses to learn how to manage problems.
  • PDF libraries for research projects.
  • Gravity Forms Surveys to gain real insight into modern ways of life.

In the community websites, you can earn points and spend your rewards. Because we use an informal currency, Ŧallars, to measure commitment from members.

The community is member-based. But not exclusive. Because:

  1. Anyone can join without charge.
  2. Our policy is to make at least 80% of content readable by non-members.

Forums usually support several Knowledge Websites, which I describe below. So currently active KeČaTa Internet Community websites are:

 KeČaTa Knowledge Websites

These websites are part of the community. But they do not include interactive features. Because forms and comments slow websites down. So these websites give you facts and outlines as fast as possible. Then you can use this knowledge to ask better questions in the forums. Also, the facts here are the main learning resource for community courses.

KeČaTa Internet Community Resources

Rather than slow the network down, we outsource many services to 3rd parties. This makes for a minimum of WordPress plugins that focus on providing fast, engaging content. But also ensures that the maximum of public content is served through the website. So, our 3rd party resources include:

  • Cloudflare for speed and security.
  • Many authorization networks for security. Including Google, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • ZoHo for helpdesk, onboarding, and update feeds.
  • Feedburner, but these are moving to ZoHo Campaigns.
KeČaTa Internet Community
KeČaTa Internet Community

Your KeČaTa Internet Community

You can get involved with KeČaTa Internet Community at whatever level you choose:

  • Read-only. Just read the forums like any other website. With or without regular email updates
  • Standard member. Join in with the discussions to get the answers to all your problems. Also, earn exclusive PDFs and other rewards.
  • Advanced member. Take a more active role in moderating or writing new content. A great way to earn part-time income.
  • Associates. Join the management team for full-time income or other rewards.

Start by subscribing to free newsletters that interest you most. They will guide you where to go next. Or use the search box near the top of every page.