Preparing for Import to KeČaTa Network

Preparing for Import to KeČaTa Network is aimed at webmasters who are considering moving their website into the KeČaTa Network. It describes various data checks that need to be done, and potential changes that need to be made.

Prior to importing your website into the KeČaTa network, you have to check certain standards.

Every website is different, but the challenges fall into 5 groups:

  • User Preparation
  • Theme Preparation
  • Plugins Preparation
  • Media Preparation
  • Posts Preparation

Websites with extensive customization might need custom routines. That’s something we need to consider where the 5 steps above reveal the need for extensive changes. But, for most websites, a little editing beforehand is all that is required.

Theme and Plugin preparation are part of the contractual review. If you want to self-check this, complete lists of available plugins and themes are coming soon. Note that, I’ll never turn down a theme or plugin request, unless it raises a security issue. Contractual review also covers issues such as Google Search Console and Analytics management.

User Preparation for KeČaTa Import

Users need to be divided between Administrators, Users with Content, and other users. Administrators and Content publishers must Log In to KeČaTa, which creates a new user account, prior to Import Day. Administrators cannot publish content. If your Administrators have content, you must:

  • Either, downgrade the Administrator to Editor or lower.
  • Or, create a separate publishing account, and transfer content to that.

The best method is to downgrade the Administrator, then create a new Administrator account that is never used for content publishing.

Media Preparation for KeČaTa Import

All media must be owned by Editor or lower accounts. All media must be attached to a post. Any media that is not required should be deleted.

Posts Preparation for KeČaTa Import

In Posts preparation, I include WordPress Posts, Pages, and Custom Posts. MultiSite has tighter controls over allowed HTML tags, compared to WP-SingleSite. KeČaTa provides shortcodes to ensure that potential security risks from HTML code is minimized. This means the following HTML tags must be changed to shortcodes prior to import (or deleted). Disallowed HTML Tags are:

  • <SCRIPT>
  • <FORM>
  • <INPUT>
  • <IFRAME>
  • <GCSE> (Google Custom Search Engine)

I do not consider this list to be exhaustive. Therefore, if you rely on any HTML tags that are not added by Standard WordPress editing buttons, please ask.

To test for these disallowed tags, search Posts and Pages for them. Do not add the closing angle bracket to your search. E.g. search for <IFRAME, <FORM, etc. If you have added Custom Posts, then these also need to be checked. Note that many plugins add custom post types, so be sure to check carefully. If in doubt, please ask in the KeČaTa forum.

Your KeČaTa Network Data Import Preparation

You have seen the data checks and preparation required before you import into KeČaTa MultiSite Network. You can perform this data preparation yourself. Or, ask a KeČaTa Member to do it for you.

Please share your questions, experiences, and opinions about importing websites to KeČaTa Network in the forum.