Internet Safety with CloudFlare and Wordfence

Internet Safety with CloudFlare and Wordfence is aimed at KeČaTa members. That, includes current and prospective members. This article continues from Evolving Internet Safety. So, it discusses how we can get safer WordPress hosting services. Especially, better CloudFlare and Wordfence services.

Please note: this discussion is about improving KeČaTa Services. Do you have questions about getting more from CloudFlare and Wordfence in your own organization? If so, please ask in the KeČaTa Website Forum.

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Introducing KeČaTa Managed Websites

Introducing KeČaTa Managed Websites is aimed at people who want managed WordPress hosting. It describes how I manage websites in the KeČaTa Community. So, you can see how KeČaTa can help you.

I enjoy managing a collection of websites. Which, allows me to earn a living, doing what I enjoy. If you don’t like managing your website, I will do it for you. I manage your WordPress website for you. So, you can focus on providing your services, your message, or whatever else you enjoy doing online.

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Evolving Internet Safety

Evolving Internet Safety is aimed at all Internet users. It explains why Internet safety is important. And, how KeČaTa improves Internet safety for you.

I usually say that Internet users fall into 2 types: Surfers, and Content Publishers. And, of course, publishers will also be surfers. But, there is a third type: Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Introducing ISP Safety

ISPs are responsible for Internet Safety. But, they often try to push that responsibility back to Surfers and Publishers. So, we have a responsibility debate that will run forever. Now, I want to leave that debate for another time. In this article, I describe KeČaTa procedures for monitoring Internet Safety.

We can all do our bit to improve Internet Safety. For example, secure passwords, logging off after use, and latest software versions are vital security issues. And, they are essential to Personal Internet Safety. But, for day-to-day Internet access, we are in the hands of ISPs. Therefore, I monitor how ISPs access my network. Then, I use IP address access records to identify and restrict unsafe ISPs. And, I publish my results. So, Surfers can identify better providers of Internet access. And Publishers can find better hosting services. I will address each type of user in separate articles. But for now, I explain more general Internet Safety issues.

I realize that good or bad activity is ultimately down to Internet Users. But, ISPs have a pivotal role. And, they are in the best position to promote Internet Safety. Because they can encourage safe Internet use. And, discourage unsafe Internet activities.

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Introducing Managed WordPress Display Customization

I wrote Introducing Managed WordPress Display Customization for KeČaTa clients who want easier ways to express their brand. Specifically, it’s about management tools that make it easier to maintain your brand look and feel throughout your managed website.

In this article I look at content and styling for common brand-associated text. Then, I will improve current KeČaTa tools to enhance and extend current Display Customization features.

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Fast Not Furious WordPress Hosting

Fast Not Furious WordPress Hosting is aimed at web business owners who want a better life. It’s a story of filling a void and fulfilling a dream. I explain to you, why KeČaTa is not just another WordPress hosting business.

How did it start?

That’s a double-edged question. How did this WordPress Hosting website start? Or, how did this WordPress Hosting blog post start? I’ll answer both – in reverse order.

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