AS9009 M247 Ltd Review

AS9009 M247 Ltd Review is for people looking for a British ISP. My review tells you about IP addresses owned by this ISP. So, you will learn about AS9009 ISP quality. Then, you can assess M247’s safety performance.

AS9009 M247 Ltd Review

First, I log IP addresses every time AS9009 access my network. Then, I review that access data. And, I give Stars for security threat levels. Also, I consider other safety factors. Therefore, you will see different safety and security issues in the detailed records. So, I record all that ISP traffic data below. Starting with, static facts about AS9009 M247.

General ISP-ASN information:

Autonomous System Number

aut-num: AS9009 as-name: M247 org: ORG-GL37-RIPE status: ASSIGNED mnt-by: RIPE-NCC-END-MNT mnt-by: GLOBALAXS-MNT created: 2011-04-11T14:23:28Z last-modified: 2018-09-04T11:00:46Z source: RIPE


organisation: ORG-GL37-RIPE org-name: M247 Ltd org-type: LIR address: 1 Ball Green, Cobra Court address: M32 0QT address: Manchester address: UNITED KINGDOM phone: +441616151272 fax-no: +441618655763 e-mail: [email protected]

AS9009 IP Address Reviews

These are Internet Access records from IP Addresses that belong to AS9009 M247 Ltd. Monitored IP Addresses for ASN9009:

IP/Route Date/Time Status Detail Hostname Location Post Code 14 Feb 2017 4:20 AM Bad Comment spam Los Angeles, California, United States (US) 2017/02/20 5:33 am Bad Comment spam Los Angeles, California, United States (US) Oct 2018 Good Forum Manchester, England, United Kingdom M40 Sep 2018 Good Forum London, England EC2V 11-14-2018 8:30 AM Bad Hacker Bucharest, Bucuresti 021712 2018/11/05 1:34 pm Bad Spam Vesterbro, Hovedstaden, Denmark 1607 Sep 2018 Good Forum Zaventem, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium 1930 Oct 2018 Good Forum London, London, City of, United Kingdom E14 Sep 2018 Good Forum Paris, Ile-de-France, France 93200

With scores of 5 for good IP addresses, and 1 for bad ip addresses, the average score for AS9009 is 29/9 = 3.2 (rounded to 3)

Internet Service Score 3/5
Is your ISP average?

Your AS9009 Review

Now, you can see how my ISP safety reviews work. And, that helps you assess AS9009 M247 Ltd for yourself. So, what do you think? Do you have experiences to share? Or, do you need more help?

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