AS21804 Access Communications Co-operative Limited Review

AS21804 Access Communications Co-operative Limited Review is for people looking for a Canadian ISP. My review tells you about IP addresses owned by this ISP. So, you will learn about AS21804 ISP quality. Then, you can assess Access Communications Co-operative’s safety performance.

AS21804 Access Communications Co-operative Review

First, I log IP addresses every time AS21804 access my network. Then, I review that access data. And, I give Stars for security threat levels. Also, I consider other safety factors. Therefore, you will see different safety and security issues in the detailed records. So, I record all that ISP traffic data below. Starting with, static facts about AS21804 Access Communications Co-operative.

General ISP-ASN information (courtesy AS21804):

ASHandle:       AS21804
OrgID:          ACR-29
ASName:         ACCESS-SK
ASNumber:       21804
RegDate:        2001-06-21
Updated:        2012-03-02
TechHandle:     IA103-ARIN
Source:         ARIN
OrgName:        Access Communications  Co-operative Limited
Street:         2250 Park St.
City:           Regina
State/Prov:     SK
Country:        CA
PostalCode:     S4N 7K7

Monitored IP Addresses for ASN21804:

  1. ** Bad, Spammer, 17-02 & 17-03. Restricted

AS21804 IP Address Reviews

These are Internet Access records from IP Addresses that belong to AS21804 Access Communications Co-operative. But, there is a mix of human and robot traffic. Which, can make it hard for you to compare with other Canadian ISP’s. So, I separate good, bad, and unverified access.

Good AS21804 IP Address Reviews

Bad AS21804 IP Address Reviews **
Comment Spam Submitted on 2017/03/01 at 4:25 am.

Author: John Henery (IP:,
Email: [email protected]

And, same spam also submitted on 2017/02/28 at 12:47 pm, 2017/02/27 at 10:27 am, and 2017/02/26 at 11:43 pm. So, I have restricted IP address in CloudFlare.

Network:	AS21804 Access Communications Co-operative Limited
City:	 Lanigan, Saskatchewan, Canada
Latitude/Longitude:	51.8500,-105.0333

Unverified AS21804 IP Address Reviews

Your AS21804 Review

Now, you can see how my ISP safety reviews work. And, that helps you assess AS21804 Access Communications Co-operative for yourself. So, what do you think? Do you have experiences to share? Or, do you need more help?

If you have useful facts about Access Communications Co-operative, please share them in the comments box below. But, if you need personal help reviewing Canadian ISPs, please use KeČaTa Internet Safety Forum.

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