Bulgaria ISP Review List

Bulgaria ISP Review List is a summary of Bulgarian Internet Service Provider reviews. It lets you compare ISPs in Bulgaria for Internet Safety.

Bulgaria ISP Review List Purpose

The purpose of Bulgaria ISP Review List to help you find safer Bulgarian ISPs. So, if you are outside Bulgaria, please see ISP-ASN Safety Reviews. Because that lists all countries where I have Internet Service Provider safety records.

Bulgaria ISP Review List Introduction

Besides safety, when you choose your service provider, you will have other concerns. For example, line speed, cost, and support are very important. So, you need to create your own shortlist. Because that will depend on your own important needs. Still, my list will help you shortlist your Bulgarian ISP Candidates. Then use my ISP safety rank, to decide which to select.

Bulgaria ISP Review List

My Bulgaria Review List shows ISPs sorted by their AS Number (ASN). Because that identifies the organization that supplies your Internet access services. Then I log access records for IP addresses that belong to that organization.

So here are the Bulgaria ISP monitored so far. I add to this list as new ISPs access KeČaTa services. Then, I log IP Address access details below for each of these ISPs. When I get several IP address safety log records for a particular ISP, I create a separate page and link it here.

IP/Route Date/Time Status Detail Hostname Location Zip Code
ASN: AS8717 A1 Bulgaria EAD 11-02-2018 11:24 AM Bad Hacker Sofia, Grad Sofiya 1261
ASN: AS12796 Telecommunication Company Varna EAD 2017/07/19 9:06 am Good Survey ip-?.tcv.bg Varna 9000
ASN: AS13306 Unics EOOD (Restricted) 2017-12-03 00:25:36 Bad Crawl Kaya Bash, Lovech
ASN: AS21230 M SAT Cable SA 10-16-2018 5:29 AM Bad Hacker cable-84-43-233-206.mnet.bg Varna 9020
ASN: AS29580 A1 Bulgaria EAD (Restricted) 10-24-2018 7:08 AM Bad DoS 78-83-105-149.spectrumnet.bg
ASN: AS60784 “Iradeum Trading” Ltd. 11-03-2018 7:35 PM Bad DoS Sliwen
ASN: AS206349 BlueAngelHost Pvt. Ltd (Restricted) 14 Sep 2018 12:45 AM Bad Spam

Your ISP-ASN in Bulgaria

Now, you’ve seen our Internet Safety Records for ISPs with Bulgarian ASNs (Autonomous System Numbers). So, what’s your interest?

Do you have opinions about Bulgarian ISPs not on the list? Then, please add comments below. Or, do you want personal help choosing an ISP? Then, ask in the Internet Safety Forum.

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