Introducing Managed WordPress Display Customization

I wrote Introducing Managed WordPress Display Customization for KeČaTa clients who want easier ways to express their brand. Specifically, it’s about management tools that make it easier to maintain your brand look and feel throughout your managed website.

In this article I look at content and styling for common brand-associated text. Then, I will improve current KeČaTa tools to enhance and extend current Display Customization features.

Current Managed WordPress Display Customization Tools

The current display customization features for your KeČaTa-managed WordPress website are:

  • Fixed custom display addition to all page and post content.
  • Company Short Name Display.
  • Company Phone Display.
  • Company Full Name Display.

Custom Display Additions

This is a simple addition at the end of every article that you write. You decide what to use it for. Or, you can choose not to implement the feature. Common uses for manged WordPress custom display additions are:

  • Contact Form.
  • Special Offers.
  • Revenue builders such as advertising, or commission links

Note that this is a site-wide option. Your choice of additional content displays on every page on your website. However, I’m keen to enhance this feature. So, if you want more customization options, please tell me in the website support forum. Potential enhancements are:

  • Turn feature off for selected pages.
  • Change additional content according to WordPress Category.
  • Use WordPress Tag combinations to determine additional display content.
  • Your idea for custom display additions?

Company Display Fields

When I setup your KeČaTa Managed WordPress website, I give you your own WordPress Content Shortcodes. Content Shortcodes are shortcuts that you can use while writing your website pages. These shortcuts allow you to quickly, and consistently add your company details. Then, your company details display wherever you choose.

Subsequently, you can change the content of any Company Display Field. And, my KeČaTa Display Customization tool automatically updates all relevant pages. Current Company Display Shortcuts are:

  1. our-phone: Your company telephone number.
  2. our-fullname: Your full company name. Eg, KeČaTa Managed WordPress Community
  3. our-name: Your short company name. Eg, KeČaTa Community

As you can see, this is very basic, at the moment. I want to extend your Company Display Shortcuts with extra fields. So, please add your suggestions for more shortcuts.

Additionally, I want to enhance the shortcuts with website styling features. The most obvious extra is to apply your choice of Google Font. I use wp_enqueue_style to make sure your font choice remains available even if you change your WordPress Theme. What suggestions do you have for Company Display Styles?

Managed WordPress Display Customization image
How will you customize your Managed WordPress Display?

Do you have general ideas for improving Managed WordPress Display Customization? If so, add your suggestions to Keith’s Internet Support Service.
Do you have specific ideas about your own website (planned or current)? Then, please ask in your website support forum.