Introducing KeČaTa

KeČaTa is the haven for all Keith Taylor’s websites.

That includes websites owned and operated by Keith, plus those of clients and associates.

My online community is here primarily to promote learning and earning opportunities.

Phase one is for starting the infrastructure. Most activity during phase one is in the KeČaTa Community Forum. Primary purpose in this phase is for client technical support. Secondary purpose is to integrate community members on learning and vocation sites who want to be involved with running the community.

Phase two is for increasing KeČaTa Community members. More people with more involvement in managing the community. In this phase, the primary purpose switches to community improvement.

Phase three is for expanding KeČaTa for free and paid websites. Or whatever the community prefers.

Are you interested in earning or learning within a safe online community? Please share your questions, opinions, and experiences in the KeČaTa Online Community Forum.

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