Introducing KeČaTa Managed Websites

Introducing KeČaTa Managed Websites is aimed at people who want managed WordPress hosting. It describes how I manage websites in the KeČaTa Community. So, you can see how KeČaTa can help you.

I enjoy managing a collection of websites. Which, allows me to earn a living, doing what I enjoy. If you don’t like managing your website, I will do it for you. I manage your WordPress website for you. So, you can focus on providing your services, your message, or whatever else you enjoy doing online.

What is KeČaTa?

More than a collection of websites. KeČaTa is a safe online environment for learning and earning. Most KeČaTa members join to learn. Usually, they join one of my networked, or independent websites. And, most members are unaware that there is a KeČaTa Community. Because website owners in the KeČaTa Community decide how to brand their own website.

Occasionally, members do get involved in managing KeČaTa. There are always opportunities. So ask in a forum, if you want hands-on experience of managed WordPress hosting.

How is KeČaTa Organized?

Over the years, my collection of websites has grown. I had to create groups of websites that I can manage as separate divisions. I call the divisions of KeČaTa ‘Nooks’. So, I had to call individual entities ‘Crannies’! A KeČaTa Cranny is usually a website. But, it could be a social media campaign, or other online presence. Consequently, I introduce my 4 KeČaTa Nooks here. Then, I will explain more details about each KeČaTa Nook in subsequent articles.

KeČaTa Learning Nook

More than anything, KeČaTa is a place to learn. You can learn for it’s own sake. Or, learn to teach. Or, learn to earn. For me, learning and earning go hand-in-hand. But, I put learning first. If you prefer to put earning first, please see KeČaTa Vocation Nook, below.

The KeČaTa Learning Crannies are:

  • Nutrition Learning.
  • Health Learning Support.
  • People Powered Learning.
  • Health Learning UK.
  • Proficiency Learning.
  • Web Authorship.
  • Nutrition Scoring.
  • Practical Nutrition.

For details, wait for Introducing Managed WordPress Learning Hosting.

Learning sites empower people through better knowledge. But often, we need more tangible rewards.

KeČaTa Vocation Nook

KeČaTa Vocation Crannies focus mostly on earning. But, some are for campaigning and/or awareness. The KeČaTa Vocation Crannies are:

  • Normal Health Campaign.
  • Health Awareness.
  • Health Resources.
  • Earning While Learning.
  • Nutrition Resources.
  • Local Heating Services.
  • Local Services Community.
  • Niche Marketing.

For details, wait for Introducing Managed WordPress Vocation Hosting.

I intend these websites to be earning opportunities for KeČaTa members. There will also be partner opportunities within KeČaTa revenue generating websites.

KeČaTa Client Nook

  • Health Learning Client.
  • Health Support Client.
  • UK Entertainment Client.

For details, wait for Introducing Managed WordPress Client Hosting.

KeČaTa Management Nook

These websites exist mainly to keep KeČaTa running. Besides this management hub, my personal blog should become an authorship asset. And, the shopping Crannies will fund KeČaTa operating costs. These are development projects for the future.

  • KeČaTa Management Hub.
  • My Personal Blog.
  • International Social Shopping.
  • UK Social Shopping.

For details, wait for Introducing Managed WordPress Multisite Hosting.

Global Networked Community image
Where’s your best place in the KeČaTa Network?

Your KeČaTa

Now, you can understand the basics of the KeČaTa Community. So, what role do you want to play? You could start a new website. Or, move an existing website into the safety of my managed WordPress hosting service.

It’s up to you.

You can share general comments about managed WordPress hosting in the box below. But, if you want personal help with a website, please ask in KeČaTa Website Owners Forum.

As you can see, I am working on detail follow-ups to this article. If you want to get an email when I publish these, please subscribe to KeČaTa Community Updates. Your email address is safe. I will never share it. And, I will only use it to send you the update information you requested.

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