Internet Safety with CloudFlare and Wordfence

Internet Safety with CloudFlare and Wordfence is aimed at KeČaTa members. That, includes current and prospective members. This article continues from Evolving Internet Safety. So, it discusses how we can get safer WordPress hosting services. Especially, better CloudFlare and Wordfence services.

Please note: this discussion is about improving KeČaTa Services. Do you have questions about getting more from CloudFlare and Wordfence in your own organization? If so, please ask in the KeČaTa Website Forum.

Internet Safety with CloudFlare and Wordfence

It’s good to consider our online community in the same way as a physical community. So, think about your city. Both good neighborhoods, and bad ones. Similarly, there are bad neighborhoods on the Internet. So, I use Wordfence to identify and protect against bad neighbors. Then, I use CloudFlare to restrict access from bad neighborhoods.

Please note: you do not need to be involved with technical details of KeČaTa. So, you can ignore this aspect of Internet Safety, without affecting your KeČaTa projects. But, if you like to understand KeČaTa better. Or, if you want to be involved with managing KeČaTa. Then, you should learn how I use CloudFlare and Wordfence. And, hopefully, contribute to improving our community.

In this discussion, I cover general principles. So, let’s see features, and benefits of CloudFlare and Wordfence.

KeČaTa CloudFlare Principles

  • KeČaTa managed WordPress websites always operate through CloudFlare nameservers.
  • I make KeČaTa CloudFlare DNS available to external websites. By which I mean, websites not managed by KeČaTa. In fact, that is any WordPress or non-WordPress websites. So, either let KeČaTa manage your DNS. Or, you can use my public ISP-ASN Internet Safety records as you manage your own CloudFlare account.
  • We manage CloudFlare restrictions at ASN level. But, we might restrict countries with bad reputations at Country level.
  • We might restrict individual IP addresses in Market countries for persistent bad behavior.
  • We tag CloudFlare restrictions with a month reference. And, we consider them for derestriction after a set time. However, we need a formal time-based review system.

KeČaTa Wordfence Principles

  • We use Wordfence to identify suspicious IP addresses.
  • Also, we use Wordfence to report logins. In that way, we can verify some IP addresses as part of the Market.
  • We support Wordfence IP reporting with other activity analysis. For example, human contribution, and robot crawling analysis.

Wordfence/CloudFlare Principles

At KeČaTa, we:

  • Whitelist CloudFlare IP addresses in Wordfence.
  • Publish Wordfence and other IP address records in KeČaTa pages.
  • Might add IP address records as comments, or forum posts prior to page publications.
  • Add reference notes in CloudFlare. So as to link Wordfence record in KeČaTa pages.
  • Must consider CloudFlare updates. Either, manual procedures that can earn rewards for members. Or, programming investment to automate certain tasks.
CloudFlare and Wordfence image
How do you use CloudFlare with Wordfence?

Improving Internet Safety with CloudFlare and Wordfence

So, you now know how KeČaTa uses CloudFlare and Wordfence together. Can you see ways to improve procedures? Or, do you want to be involved in maintaining Internet Safety records?

Please add your comments below. Remember, this is for improvements to KeČaTa administration. If you have CloudFlare or Wordfence issues with your own website, please use my KeČaTa Website Forum.