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http to https with is a short summary of the steps needed to convert a website from http:// to https:// protocol. For most website owners, this security conversion is a simple 4-step process. However, I’ve included two additional optional steps if you want to take the opportunity to convert redundant Yoast SEO to The SEO Framework at the same time.

Purpose of http to https with
The purpose of this page is to provide a reminder to KeČaTa website owners of the steps they need to take to convert their website from http to https. So I do not cover the reasons why this change is important. Nor do I explain the reasons why each step is important. Because most website owners want to focus on creating and improving website content.

As such, this page supports the Purpose of by helping KeČaTa members who are also website owners.

Therefore, these steps apply to owners of individual websites in a WordPress MultiSite environment. So you should check with your technical adviser before implementing this process. Because your site configuration might need a different approach. Also, see the link near the end of this article to get personal help for your website protocol conversion.

Before you start, you start, here’s a quick tip for checking which websites need to be converted in a WordPress Multisite installation:
You can easily check the status in your MultiSite Sites Admin list. Because all you need to do is hover your mouse over the “Visit” link for each website. Then notice that the URL preview shows the https:// prefix for converted websites. But sites that still need to be converted show the domain without a prefix.

http to https with

This is the routine I use for converting http websites to https. So it only applies if you use Cloudflare as your name server. Because Cloudflare makes the conversion process extremely easy and reliable.

But if you are not using Cloudflare, I offer a managed Cloudflare installation to all websites. Even if you are not hosted in the KeČaTa network. So all you have to do is ask in the forum (link below).

One consequence of changing your website protocol is that your sitemap URL changes. So you have to change your sitemap records with the search engines. Before Yoast became bloated and irrelevant, I used to use the Yoast SEO plugin to generate sitemaps. However, I find The SEO Framework to be much better. So, I took the opportunity of changing from http to https to also improve my WordPress SEO plugin.

Now, the full details of that upgrade are beyond the scope of that article. But I’ve included 2 optional steps for SEO if you also want to optimize your optimization.:

  • (Optional) Transfer settings from Legacy SEO
  • Cloudflare Crypto Settings
  • WordPress Site Address URL
  • (Optional) The SEO Framework Settings
  • Analytics Configuration
  • Webmaster Tools Configuration
  • I’ve included the details of the optional SEO steps in the notes to my procedure. So see the MindMup diagram below for those details.

    2. Crypto Settings

    Please note these settings are for Standard KeČaTa Community websites. Other settings for Premium KeČaTa Websites are outside the scope of this article.

    The Cloudflare settings for http to https conversion are in the Crypto section:

    • Always Use HTTPS – Set to On
    • Automatic HTTPS Rewrites – Set to On

    3. WordPress Site Address URL

    In the Info tab for Admin-Sites-Edit, change http to https in the “Site Address (URL)” setting. Then check the Settings tab to ensure that both “Siteurl” and “Home” have been changed to the https variant.

    5. Analytics Configuration

    In Google Analytics select Admin for your website. Then in the Property column, select “Property Settings”.
    This will show the “Basic Settings” for your website. So for most websites, you should set the first 2 values as:

    1. “Property Name”: domain name only, e.g.
    2. “Default URL”: Select https:// from the dropdown and set the text to the same domain name, e.g.

    6. Webmaster Tools Configuration

    For Bing Webmaster Tools, you need to delete your old http sitemap and submit a new https sitemap. Remember to add the forums feed for bbPress websites. But if you still use the redundant Google Search Console, there are other steps to consider as well as changing the sitemap, as I describe in the MindMup notes.

    I recommend adding sitemaps to Pinterest in most cases, and Yandex for some. So see additional notes in the MindMup as I improve my explanations for optimizing those search engines.

    Secure https with
    What’s your favorite tool for https conversion?

    Your Website http to https Protocol Conversion

    For premium members, I administer this conversion for you. But I will also convert any website as a paid service. So if you want to focus on content management, just ask me to convert your website.

    Otherwise, I hope you can see how easy it is to complete this http to https protocol conversion. If not, just ask in the KeČaTa forum. You should also use the forum to ask about the accompanying MindMup. Because it adds extra notes and links to this article for KeČaTa members.

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