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Are you an online customer? Then what service do you expect? But if you provide an Internet help desk or forum. How do you provide cost-effective solutions?

Here’s a quick introduction to my site about online customer service. Specifically, I’m looking to compare forums with help desks. In order to identify which can provide:

  1. The best level of service to engaged visitors.
  2. Cost-effective administration of support teams.

I think those goals represent the most important general requirements that apply to all online customer service teams. However, I’m also looking for a system that can encourage mentors to get involved. So they might generate an income stream. Or just because it’s good to help people.

Online Customer Service Introduction

Lately, I’ve been dissatisfied with using forums to support customers. Because I’ve found typical forum software labor-intensive to administer. Also, using forums seems less attractive to modern Internet users compared to a few years ago. Now I accept that I might simply have had badly defined goals. So that I haven’t attracted enough engaged forum users. But I will continue to encourage more contributions to my health forum. Then I can compare effort and rewards with my latest help desk.

Online Customer Service Purpose

I’m still working on my formal purpose statement. So when that’s finished I’ll move away from the working title of this blog. But for now, my purpose includes:

  • Develop administration routines that encourage help desk and forum contributions.
  • Compare the resources required and rewards achieved from both systems.
  • Investigate alternative software and best practices for providing online customer service.

Next Steps

I will complete the installation of this blog with:

  • Admin pages (policies and other pages explaining how this website works).
  • Help desk documentation.

In the meantime, please share your thoughts about online customer service.

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