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Free WordPress Hosting Website Transfer

Are you stuck with a failing hosting package? Scared of moving website, email, database, and applications? Stop the hassle with a free website transfer to managed WordPress Hosting.

Did you launch a WordPress website only to find that all the admin work stopped you running your business? Then you’ve probably seen lots of offers to transfer your WordPress installation.

It’s a wise move and I also offer free WordPress transfer. Because it’s easy.

So I don’t charge you extra for transferring your hosting business to me. But I go much, much further. Because I’m talking about free transfer for all websites. That means I’ll:

  • Transfer single WordPress to MultiSite
  • Split one or more single websites from a MultiSite installation
  • Even transfer non-WordPress sites into a new Managed WordPress site

Allowing you to focus on building traffic and profits.

WordPress Hosting Website Transfer Purpose

I wrote this article for people who want a hassle-free managed WordPress Hosting service. Especially if you didn’t realize you can transfer your existing website from any platform. So this supports the Purpose of Because it lets me take care of the tech. While you grow your business. Which is the best way to improve the value of your website and your business.

WordPress Hosting Website Transfer Process

Where you have a fully documented website installation, I will transfer it to my servers without charge. In most cases your only commitment is to pay for one years hosting charge. But in exceptional cases I might insist on a longer commitment.

Now I plan and manage every free website transfer on an individual basis. But the general procedure is:

  1. You send me your website documentation.
  2. Within 1 week I agree, deny, or conditionally agree the transfer. Conditional website agreements are beyond the scope of this article. So the following steps apply to a standard transfer.
  3. We agree a commencement date and you pay for one years hosting that will renew on that date until you decide to stop paying.
  4. On or before the commencement date, I start or takeover the website Cloudflare account.
  5. You stop processing website content.
  6. I transfer your website, emails, data, and all to my hosting server. Including data manipulation as required.
  7. I install and test your website on my server as a development installation.
  8. We agree the integrity of the development installation then I push it to the live site.

Note that my standard free website transfer usually involves a day when your website cannot be updated (the frozen period). But it always remains live for your website visitors to read content. However, I can reduce the frozen period within my free transfer in many cases. For other cases we will agree on a small transfer fee or a longer commitment period.

Save hassle with a free website transfer

Your WordPress Hosting Website Transfer

The first step to your online business success is safe, fast, well-managed hosting. At a price that maximizes your profitability. So contact me now to arrange your WordPress Hosting and claim your free website transfer. Just send me your details on the Feedback Form below and I’ll contact you to start the transfer process.

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