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  •  Keith Taylor #599
    Ŧallars: Ŧ 1190.26

    scheduled prompt for the next check. I’m concerned that the reply won’t be clear enough. And, if so, prompts for repeat checks might get overlooked. Perhaps we could resolve that by making one account responsible for new checks.

    I think the best solution, that should work in all situations, is to use 2 accounts. There will always be a manager, and assistant. So, where Manager owns the task, set the scheduled reply to Assistant. And, vice versa. That way, the task owner can see if there are replies that might need action. Action might be to do the security check, or delegate it. And, I think that will be obvious from the circumstances.

    Also, I can double-check these, as part of my daily review of the forum activity list.

     Keith Taylor #494
    Ŧallars: Ŧ 1190.26

    BidWords is a long-term project. But, for immediate implementation, I have a working procedure:
    1. Discuss paid project, and agree rates for different elements.
    2. Create project forum, and start scheduling tasks to do. These tasks will often refer to a project task list in a spreadsheet.
    3. As I complete each task, I will reply in topic, and ask for payment.

    Before I open this for public use, I need to show myCred points history. Preferably, that will be on the front end.

    For now, we will run this with clients and internal projects. In order to market available services, it might be best to use an eCommerce plugin. This should be investigated in February.

     Keith Taylor #492
    Ŧallars: Ŧ 1190.26

    This discussion is replaced by Introducing Ŧallars Documentation. Please use that Topic for general discussion of Ŧallars.

    If you have specific questions about Ŧallars, please start a new KeČaTa Community Topic.

     Keith Taylor #482
    Ŧallars: Ŧ 1190.26

    It’s time to start planning how to increase the profile of Ŧallars. I can introduce some badges for this, based on my patronage investigations. But, we need more badges for common achievements. Regular, continuous posting might be good. But, I think that might be automated. Exceptional posting is the obvious target for badges. But, that only makes sense once I establish ordinary expectations.

    Currently, I’m thinking about changing all the Ŧallar points to reflect a mixture of expected time, and expected value. Most important are: New Topic and New Reply.

    If we base reasonable response on time, then it’s around 15 mins for each. Note, that does not include research time for replies. The system should recognise that some contributors will want to agree Ŧallars in advance for additional research. I can start introducing that idea later. Especially, in response to Helpdesk Tickets.

    Eventually, the system may prompt reviews of earning rates, and charges. But, that can only work with a better starting point.

    For no particular reason, I’m thinking of a rate that equates to something like 7 Ŧallars per hour. So, in a two hour session, I might expect to post around 7 Topics or Replies. That includes around 15 mins reading time.

    For starters, I’m saying a reply is twice as valuable as a new topic. So, I’ll start from 1 Ŧallar for Replies. And, 0.50 Ŧallars for New Topics. So, asking questions is less rewarding at the outset. But, good questions attract reading points. Therefore, again as a starting suggestion, I’ll try 0.05 Ŧallars for reading. With, 0.10 Ŧallars for the topic author.

    After a few weeks monitoring activity, I can introduce ranks. A standard contributor should gain around Ŧ14 a month. And, contributions should give around 6 months rewards. Therefore, the rate for membership should be around Ŧ0.54 per week. But, to reward early adopters, I’ll set this at Ŧ0.05 to start. Then, increase it by Ŧ0.05 each month, as new active members increase. The new member registration bonus must change in-line with the weekly fee. Being, for now, 50 weeks – i.e. Ŧ2.50.

    That also gives a good starting point for charging Content as a Commodity (CaaC). For example:
    – New page = Ŧ30 assuming subject and images provided.
    – Subject research = Ŧ4
    – Finding image = Ŧ3
    – Making image = Ŧ15
    – Image description = Ŧ7 in first month of publication. Reducing by Ŧ1 per month to minimum of Ŧ1.

    This makes it possible to introduce a charging scheme for website checks. Start with basic checks at Ŧ1 each. But, encourage packages of groups of checks per month/year. Details of this will emerge from doing it. But gradual aim is that current £50 per year gets used up in essential checks. Then, clients can contribute time or money to get extra Ŧallars for:
    – higher levels of security
    – better quality checks
    – CaaC

     Keith Taylor #34
    Ŧallars: Ŧ 1190.26

    Yes, you should get those Tollars mounting up!

    I’ve found the problem. I was experimenting with myCred central banking, but linked it to an account with no funds! 😳

    I’m not going to be applying for jobs in the Tollar Exchequer! 😉

     Keith Taylor #31
    Ŧallars: Ŧ 1190.26

    Actually, Anna, I’m having some issues with myCred at the moment. It seems to have stopped working completely!

    Please keep posting in the forums, and I will keep you updated.

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