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    Keith Charlie Taylor
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    This is the health check log for, a fully managed website within KeČaTa MultiSite.

    This site is covered by the full range of security and quality checks in KeČaTa health check range.

    Check dates are recorded by logged edit unless problems are found. If problems are found during the health check, and resolved, they will be noted as a reply to this topic.

    If problems remain outstanding after the check, They will be noted as a new support topic within this forum. The website owner can mark that support ticket resolved, whenever they are satisfied no further action is needed.

    In addition to normal MultiSite checks, this website is checked for:
    Network Website Safety Checks:

    Spam Comments:
    Registered users only, so annual check only. No spam comments: May 2016.
    WordPress Log In page indexed?
    Crawl disallowed within MultiSite, so annual check only. Not in Google index: May 2016.
    GSC Security Issues:
    Currently, we haven’t detected any security issues with your site’s content. Google emails a warning if that status changes, so annual check only. Security check passed: May 2016.
    GSC Search Traffic – Manual Actions:
    No manual webspam actions found. Annual, as per GSC Security Issues. Manual Actions check passed: May 2016.
    WP 404 Hacking Attempts:
    Weekly plan. Last Check: May 17 2016.

    Client Website Quality Checks:

    GSC Search Analytics Monthly review:
    Audience up 50%, CTR improving, Page count up 568%. Google Analytics Page Views up 1%, with 9% increase in engagement. Highest engagement level of all websites monitored this month. May 2016.
    GSC Sitemaps:
    No errors or warnings. 85 pages from 238 indexed. May 2016.
    GSC Crawl Errors:
    No Site Errors. No URL Errors. May 2016.
    GSC Google Index – Blocked Resources:
    No blocked resources detected. May 2016.
    GSC Search Traffic – Mobile Usability:
    No mobile usability errors detected. May 2016.
    WP 404 Redirection (Safe crawler & genuine 404):
    No 404 items found. 9 redirects, all within last 3 months. May 2016.
    Indexed To-Do Alerts:
    3 results for “To-Do Phrase”. May 2016. Suspended alerts:

    About Page, Profile Notes
    Next Check: September 2016
    Topic Index Page, Popular Topic Notes
    Next Check: December 2016
    Log In Help, attached OpenID image.
    No audience activity in this area, recommended next check date: December 2016.
    GSC HTML Improvements:
    We didn’t detect any content issues with your site. May 2016.
    Oldest Content
    Oldest Post (before review): redirect_rule (May 10, 2014).
    Oldest Post (after review): (ID409) post (July 22, 2014)
    I recommend reviewing your oldest posts, and draft posts. You should republish or delete them. May 2016.
    New Content
    Future checks will include a freshness test here.
    bbPress Topic Tags
    Future checks will include usefulness review of user tags. It will include relevance checks add descriptions addition/review. This requires procedures for evolving topic tag content, and a larger audience.

    Next quality check is due around 22 June 2016.


    Keith Charlie Taylor
    Ŧallars: Ŧ 57.68

    Health Check issues 22 May 2016.
    3 Indexed To-Do Alerts

    1. Support topic raised for About Page, profile notes.
    2. Support topic raised for Forum Topic Index Page, Popular Topic Index.
    3. Recommended delayed next check for OpenID icon attached to Log In Help page

    Oldest Content Includes Obsolete records
    Oldest Post (before review): redirect_rule (May 10, 2014)

    There were 7 inactive, and 41 active redirects from the, now obsolete, Safe Redirect Manager plugin. I have trashed the inactive records, and deactivated the others. I will monitor redirects on a weekly basis until I am satisfied that this plugin can be removed.

    This changed Oldest Post: (ID393) post (May 11, 2014)
    There is no useful audience or significant webpage traffic history. Therefore, I have deactivated and redirected this Post.

    Oldest post is now within 2 years, however, I recommend you review old drafts, and delete, or republish them. I also recommend occasional review of oldest posts, to ensure they are still meeting current visitor expectations.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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