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    Website Security Checks:
    This website is being prepared for network import. Therefore full security checks until after import.

    WordPress Backup
    Backup completed on Monday May 30, 2016 at 22:23:45.
    WP Secure Administrators:
    No unsafe admin names or IDs. No Posts, Comments or other exposed content authored by admins.
    WordPress Version:
    WordPress Plugins:
    Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer using special version. Needs replacing before update.
    WordPress Themes:
    All up-to-date.
    Wordfence Scan
    [Jun 04 05:03:30]
    Scan complete. Congratulations, no problems found.
    Wordfence Blocked IP review
    Several throttled IP addresses. Will need separate investigation and action.
    Spam Comments:
    Registered users only, so annual check only. No spam comments: Next Check June 2017.
    WordPress Log In page indexed?
    wp-login – did not match any documents. Disallowed in robots.txt, so annual check only. Next Check June 2017.
    GSC Security Issues:
    Currently, we haven’t detected any security issues with your site’s content. Google emails a warning if that status changes, so annual check only. Security check passed: Next Check June 2017.
    GSC Search Traffic – Manual Actions:
    No manual webspam actions found. Annual, as per GSC Security Issues. Manual Actions check passed: Next Check June 2017.
    PHP error_log:
    No errors found.
    WP 404 Hacking Attempts:
    Many reported. Ignore until imported to network.

    Next Security Check Due: July 2016 (after import).

    Website Quality Checks:

    GSC Search Analytics Review:
    Despite page increase, slight fall in audience and CTR. No major concern, but advise CTR and old content review.
    GSC Sitemaps:
    No errors or warnings. Indexed 119 from 124.
    GSC Crawl Errors:
    Errors marked as fixed pending import.
    GSC Google Index – Blocked Resources:
    Pages with blocked resources. Google won’t reveal page details, so assume these are now OK.
    GSC Search Traffic – Mobile Usability:
    No issues found.
    WP 404 Redirection (Safe crawler & genuine 404):
    Many reported. Ignore until imported to network.
    Indexed To-Do Alerts:
    3 results for “To-Do Phrase”. 2 matched to relevant search phrases 7 resubmitted. 3rd has no relevant searches identified yet.
    GSC HTML Improvements:
    Duplicate and Short meta descriptions found. Best dealt with after import.
    Oldest Content
    Oldest Post: May 5 2011. Needs old content review.
    New Content
    Newest Post: May 28 2016
    bbPress Topic Tags
    Currently, no active forum.

    Next Quality Check Due: July 2016 (after import).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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