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    Keith Charlie Taylor
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    As forum activity expands, I really need a way of tracking where new bbPress Topics and Replies are coming from. Please provide Google Analytics events tracking for these actions.

    First, I assume this is beyond Tag Manager If it’s easy to do this using Tag Manager, that might be best. In which case, we need a lesson explaining how to do it.

    The basics of the coding should be a matter of hooking the appropriate actions. Someone tried at

    It should be possible to debug that and add that code for new topic, and also for bbp_new_reply ( )

    If successful, can we add goals in GA, and add a note of how it was done in the bbPress forum.


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    There is another aspect to this – how many people are visiting the topic/reply form.

    A comprehensive analysis should seek to improve total visitors, and improve posting conversion rates.

    So, I think the first test should be to identify posting pages. We might also look at incorporating the posting form on non-forum pages. Then, once we have significant views of the forum ‘Submit’ button, we can see where it’s worth putting the effort in to improve conversions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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