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  •  Ray #489
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    At the moment, these are random notes for the proposed CaaC service. CaaC is Content as a Commodity. It allows website owners to source traffic generating content.

    In a nutshell, website owners provide market targets. These are for their important mix of:
    – Geographic targets
    – Product/Service targets
    – Competition targets

    Website owners provide the ideas that seed the CaaC Production Schedule. Then, we add data to the schedule from GSC, GA, leads, and sales. The client prioritizes targets. Which, might be partially automated where we can capture reliable data for leads and sales. We use our website production experience to prioritize CaaC Production Schedule tasks.

    At the moment, KeČaTa manages content production privately. However, we intend to introduce systems that allow interested authors to bid for content production work. In that context, BidWords Authors will see lists of subjects and markets that they can offer to write content on. That will have to start with Authors submitting general work, until they gain the trust to get access to available CaaC Market Targets. I guess, the best way is to earn enough Ŧallers. But, I expect that will be an author application cost. I.e. there will be a one-off Author application that is designed to test commitment.

    There is a lot of detail to consider. But, for now, this discussion is to collect ideas for the first drafts of CaaC documentation.

    Keith has suggested, for Geographic Market Targets, we should seed the process with at least 3 targets for any geographic market. It might be better to leave the number to the web business owner. Then, we can emphasize that 3 is a minimum in most cases. But, business owners should be encouraged to prioritize the seeding process with regular feedback.

     Keith Taylor #494
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    BidWords is a long-term project. But, for immediate implementation, I have a working procedure:
    1. Discuss paid project, and agree rates for different elements.
    2. Create project forum, and start scheduling tasks to do. These tasks will often refer to a project task list in a spreadsheet.
    3. As I complete each task, I will reply in topic, and ask for payment.

    Before I open this for public use, I need to show myCred points history. Preferably, that will be on the front end.

    For now, we will run this with clients and internal projects. In order to market available services, it might be best to use an eCommerce plugin. This should be investigated in February.

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