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    Keith Charlie Taylor
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    Just thinking out loud really, about organizing this part of the Internet Forum.

    I introduced the Website Health Checks forum as a base to record the facts that emerge from each health check. Now these are starting to build a picture of individual websites. It would be useful to record other facts in the same place, rather than creating an additional set of forums.

    Website Health Checks need to be organized into topics for:

    • Website Security Status (sticky)
    • Website Quality Status (sticky)
    • Website Security Check Log
    • Website Quality Check Log
    • Website Health Check Issue Support Requests

    As well as Website Health Checks, other relevant facts might include:

    • Significant reorganizations.
    • Current priorities for growth.
    • Summary of type of website (Web Business Group?) with intentions for target type/group.

    Suggested starting point for Web Business Type/Group:
    First, is it Commercial or Not For Profit?
    Launched or Planned?

    Is website (Cranny):

    • Independent
    • SingleSite Hub
    • SingleSite Member
    • MultiSite Hub
    • MultiSite Member
    • Not a website: Helpdesk; Facebook; Google+; Twitter; etc.

    Then, this topic can have a sticky post explaining health check facts. E.g. how checking intervals and priorities are set.


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    From my point of view, I need to be able to find all the information for my website(s) easily. Therefore, I want one forum for each of my websites, with everything in it.

    I can list my website forums in my personal profile. That allows me to get to the right forum with 2 clicks.

    Once I’m there, I want to see:

    1. Website Profile – basically, what is the purpose of the website. And, where is it heading. I can edit purpose and targets when appropriate, with a reply to log changes. I might also summarize key events in the topic, if those events are relevant to current purpose or targets. The topic might also include things like website colors. I.e. I want to go straight to the important facts that I need to manage the website. So, this topic needs to be sticky.
    2. Latest website checks. At the moment, these are easy to find because there is very little else. Even when there is more website information, they will automatically rise to the top when new website checks are performed. I don’t think I want these to be sticky. You, or other KeĈaTa support guys, need to find these topics quickly. So, I suggest you link to them in your Website Maintenance Scheduler.
    3. Current website project status. Independent websites should probably use Shrewdies Internet Learning Forum for website projects. So, this forum is for KeĈaTa managed websites. Some of them have their own history websites for projects. Most need to administer projects here. I think topics for current projects should be sticky, then normal on completion. I’d like to start with a single topic for a complete project. If that gets too big, we can consider creating a project sub-forum.

    Following from point 3, I think processes for managing Internet projects should start at Shrewdies. Then, KeĈaTa instructions for websites can be based on those general principles.

    Finally, I think the title for each website profile should be: Nook Cranny Website Profile. In this forum, we never have to worry about SEO considerations regarding Title, URL, etc. It only applies in the blog and support pages. QEO rules here!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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