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    New content is information on health resources. Resource can be a product, service, or information source.

    Need to organise by either of two therapies, plus third section for testing/diagnosis.

    Info can be from research study, suggested in forum, bought (but resource to be generic – specific merchandise will be in shopping website), etc. Where possible include procurement link(s) otherwise ask for buying info in forum.

    Quality of information is:
    1. No reviews or research found.
    2. Non-human research.
    3. Statistical human research.
    4. Healthy human research.
    5. Specific disease research.
    So, use best research available. If important points need extra research, include them. But, try to incorporate in 5* review where possible.

    In shop, stars are:
    5. Bought by identified member (link to forum/comment).
    4. Bought by visitor.
    3. Recommended by member (link).
    2. General mention.
    1. Complaint or self-serving suggestion.

    So, if resources are reviewed based on non-research, stars should reflect quality of source. Always stress individuality – 5 score for one person might only be a 3 for someone else.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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