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    We’ve had several discussions about bbPress Topic Tags, both here and at Shrewdies.

    The basic problem is the standard bbPress Topic Tag input box does not suggest existing tags. This leads to duplication of similar topics. It would be better if existing tags were displayed in, or near to, the Topic Tag input box. The simplest solution might be a simple link to a page with a Topic Tag Index, and some explanatory notes.

    Today, I thought about programing the box to replace the browser history with an up-to-date list. I cannot find a WordPress Plugin that does this. However, there are several that manipulate the search form input box. Maybe one of those could be adapted? ❓

    Alternatively, I found an autocomplete library that might be turned into a WordPress plugin. It’s described as a:

    Simple autocomplete library for remote data sources


    Ŧallars: Ŧ 48.15

    I’ve reopened this as an issue, though it might need transferring somewhere else.

    We absolutely need to change procedure for health checking bbPress Topic Tags. At the very least, the Topic Tag taxonomy should be excluded from sitemaps. The issue arises because users tend to fill in the Topic Tag box just because it is there.

    This user input can be useful. If there are similar topics that apply to new tags, then they should be marked as such. Otherwise, the tag should be deleted. The reason for this is the Sitemap ends up with a lot of pages that just show a single topic for a tag. These pages have no value for anyone!

    So, if Topic Tags are not managed, the health check should be to ensure they are not included in sitemaps. If Topic Tags are managed, then they need to be checked in a structured way. That probably means adding extra fields to manage last check date.

    Or, never include Topic Tags in sitemaps. Then manage them by adding them to a manual index page which can be reviewed periodically, and submitted to Google Search Console with all links.


    Keith Taylor
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    OK, procedure for bbPress Topic Tags is:

    – Ignore from sitemaps until:
    a) attracting traffic
    b) or, required structurally for audience support groups
    – Even when ignored, tags should be reviewed as part of quality check. Single tags should be deleted if off-topic, and consolidated where possible. This avoids large buildup of unmanaged tags.

    I’m going to consolidate all bbPress Tag posts into my task list, then manage outstanding issues until all are resolved.


    Keith Taylor
    Ŧallars: Ŧ 1004.51

    Rather than have multiple topics about bbPress tags, I’m extending this task to cover documentation as well as functionality.

    There are outstanding requests from the Health Client Coordinator about the best procedure for managing bbPress topic tags in the quality review:

    I’ve spotted relevant search queries that have not been set as bbPress Topic Tags. Is it right to add them during support request reviews? Or, is there a better time to add new bbPress Topic Tags?

    What should I do about the bbPress Topic Tag description?

    And, an additional note:

    Also, I noticed several of my bbPress Topic Tag index pages are now showing on my Search Page Activity report.

    Do I need to follow any particular routine for these new website traffic targets?

    There’s a more urgent request, which I will try to move here.


    Keith Taylor
    Ŧallars: Ŧ 1004.51

    The issues regarding bbPress tags are:

    1. They are primarily a user tool to identify groups of topics. But, bbPress is fundamentally flawed because:
    a) The tags operate across the whole site, not just per user.
    b) There is no way to select existing tags. This might change in a future release. Adding the functionality, as per Original Post, is beyond current resources.

    2. We can use them as a management tool to identify groups of discussions that we can direct users to. Primarily, that will be audience groups, where we want to encourage user discussion. But, it’s useful for any topic that attracts regular discussion.

    Therefore, we should return to the old forum standard of hiding tags on the input form. They serve no useful purpose to most users. If we get a user who wants topic tags, they should have enough experience to add them in the admin area.

    Then, we can manage bbPress topic tags properly. I’ll do documentation for this. It will be the KeČaTa approach to bbPress Topic Tag management. If that raises other issues, I’ll push them for discussion in Shrewdies Internet Learning forum. So, my plan is:
    1. Turn off topic tags in all sitemaps.
    1. Change forms to hide tags on all community websites.
    2. Produce KeČaTa documentation for management use of bbPress Topic Tags (using new open publication procedures in my blog).
    3. Implement management of tags with the Health Client team. Then, ensure all tags have proper descriptions. And, ensure quality check instructions include tag management is clear. Finally, turn sitemap back on for the Health Client community website.
    4. Review implementation plans for other community websites.


    Keith Taylor
    Ŧallars: Ŧ 1004.51

    I’ve completed step 1, “Turn off topic tags in all sitemaps.”, for the 3 live community websites.

    It emphasizes that the quality check must include checking sitemap settings, as long as we’re using Yoast SEO for sitemaps. Where plugins introduce another custom post type, this gets included in sitemaps. Sitemaps should never be enabled unless there is a management routine for checking it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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