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KeČaTa takes Internet Security seriously. We monitor good Internet user access (the good guys). And, we monitor suspicious or malicious Internet access attempts by hackers and other exploiters (the bad guys). The monitoring processes create Internet Security Records, which we log here.

Periodically, we summarize Internet Security Records for specific ISPs. These form the Internet Service Provider Database. ISPs are identified by Autonomous Systems (AS) number, and grouped by country. The Internet Security Records here are also organized by country:

You can find existing records by searching our Internet Service Providers Search Engine. It is best to identify the AS number first, and search by that. All our Internet Security records include the AS number in the format ASnnn, where nnn is the unique identifying number (can be more than 3 digits).

If you have experience of any ISP, please share your thoughts on the quality of their Internet security. You can reply to an existing topic, or start a new Internet Security Record. If you want help with Internet Security, please ask in the KeČaTa Community Support Forum.

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Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)

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