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Fast Safe Managed WordPress Hosting

I provide Managed WordPress Hosting for your website. Plus a host of related Internet support services. So that you can focus on growing and engaging your website traffic. While I take care of the tech.

During 2020, I’m rebranding these services. Currently, I’m working with commercial and community clients to create bundles of services that meet real needs. From one-person startups to international service and production organizations I provide structured support or ad hoc help. Always focused on helping you get the job done in the best way to add value to your enterprise.

So I’m not going out of my way to entice new business at the moment. But I am aware of the horrendous levels of shoddy support, bad advice, and commercial ignorance in the Internet industry. And I can’t let you suffer alone. Therefore, I can switch you to Fast Safe Managed WordPress Hosting today for $70 per year. Obviously, if you have special needs, you’ll need a special price.

We can talk about that. But I always aim to provide a complete Internet support service for less than 1% of your revenue. In most cases, a lot less.

If you need rescuing now just tell me on the Feedback Form below.

International Rescue for WordPress

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