Fast Not Furious WordPress Hosting

Fast Not Furious WordPress Hosting is aimed at web business owners who want a better life. It’s a story of filling a void and fulfilling a dream. I explain to you, why KeČaTa is not just another WordPress hosting business.

How did it start?

That’s a double-edged question. How did this WordPress Hosting website start? Or, how did this WordPress Hosting blog post start? I’ll answer both – in reverse order.

Fast Managed WordPress Hosting

I often write about evolving websites. There are many aspects to it. One of the most important is that we evolve website traffic. Essentially, we analyze our own success, and grow from it. It’s better than wasting hours of keyword research analyzing other people’s website traffic success.

I find it hard to resist peeking at audience growth statistics. I know, there are more fundamental content objectives for this website, at the moment. But, as I’m using Google Search Console anyway…

During a quick look yesterday, I was delighted to see emerging traffic for:

  • Fast WordPress Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

That’s without trying! It could only be beaten if I got the trio.

Happy WordPress Hosting
Fast not Furious! Happy WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting For Shrewdies

I had a bad start to publishing website content. Let’s just say, I was led astray by well-marketed, badly-advised, SEO trickery. If you want a better explanation of why 95% of SEO is worse than worthless, ask in Shrewdies Internet Learning Forum. If you want an explanation of why I give you the best 5% of SEO, ask in the the KeČaTa Community Forum.

When I realized I’d been duped, I was determined to create a better service to help budding website owners. The early archives of A True Friend reveal the sad start. The later archives reveal a transition towards Shrewdies. All in all, the archives reveal a hard lesson in wasting years following SEO exploiters.

I’m not furious now. I learned a better way.

The quick version is:
My son-in-law agreed that finding decent website providers was difficult. We should combine our talents to provide honest WordPress Hosting, the Shrewdies way. My fast, but clumsy, website management skills. Simon’s artistic flair and communication skills. A winning combination.

What can I say? His memory lives on. I can’t replace Simon, but I can harness his spirit to find graphic talent. In the meantime, I will focus on providing the best WordPress Hosting Services I can.

Last year, I thought to rebrand my Internet Support Services as KeČaTa. This year, it’s happening. Unlike my Fast Managed WordPress Hosting services, my marketing campaign for KeČaTa is slow. I’m enjoying it too much to rush it. More on that, next time.

Please share your thoughts about WordPress Hosting below. Ask about my website hosting plans in the KeČaTa Online Community Forum.