Keith Taylor in the KeČaTa Community

Keith Taylor is a WordPress Business Counselor based in Yorkshire, UK.

My main purpose for this page is to allow search engines to identify Keith Taylor as publisher of his websites. So it’s boring for humans and you are better off reading Keith Taylor’s Personal Blog.

Keith Taylor Profiles

As well as my profile pages on my websites, I have many social media profiles and personal profiles on other websites. So now I’m particularly keen to document them here properly. Because I’ve been advised by my WordLift mentor:

You might also try to add references to relevant websites on the topic using the Website(s) field of WordLift that translates into schema:url in both the RDF representation of the entity and the JSON-LD.

I will blog more about WordLift soon. But for now, I’ll crack on with configuring it. So my profiles include:
Keith Taylor Social Media Profiles
Keith’s social media profiles include Facebook; Twitter; Google; and YouTube. But, I think I need to work harder on my Google profiles. Because they’re a bit confused vis-a-vis personal/business boundaries. But that’s another story.
Other Keith Taylor Website Profiles
Next, I’ll review my profiles on other websites.
preparing more information for this page. But in the meantime, you can always ask for more information in the comments below.