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Cloudflare Digital Asset Security Features

As a web business owner, you want to grow the value of your website and related assets. But you must ensure the security of your online assets.

Now there are 2 sides to digital asset security:

  1. Password Management and Access Authorization.
  2. Securing Digital Assets against intruders.

Here, I look at the second of these concerns by introducing Cloudflare. As a practical tool for securing your website. Then in related articles, I will show you how specific Cloudflare features work.

Cloudflare Security Features Purpose

My purpose in writing this article is to introduce Cloudflare to website managers who are unfamiliar with its features. Because the purpose of this website is to help you grow the asset value of your website. So just like your physical assets, you must know about tools you can use to protect and secure your property.

Cloudflare Digital Asset Security Features

Cloudflare security features that will help you protect your website are:

Anycast Network
The Anycast IP network allows servers in different locations to share the same IP address. So traffic can be routed to the best server for each of your customers.
Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) adds extra security to traffic to prevent interception between your website and your customer’s browser.
Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Web applications are programs running on your website to provide services to your customers. For example, WordPress delivers your company information to visitors in a friendly, readable format. A regular network firewall blocks unwanted traffic based on your security rules (e.g. internal and external traffic). Then the WAF extends the security to stop intruders using your application to access your website maliciously.
Rate Limiting
Rate limiting controls the number of requests to access your website. So if you identify suspicious users or robots that are consuming resources you can slow them down.
Allows your website to be served using the https:// protocol instead of http://. So your visitors won’t see messages such as Chrome’s “Not Secure” warning.
Secure Registrar
Cloudflare Registrar securely registers and manages your domain names with competetive pricing that eliminates surprise renewal fees and hidden charges.
The Cloudflare Orbit security service creates a web application firewall to defend “Internet of Things” devices from cyberattacks.
Argo Tunnel
Argo Tunnel connects your web server to the Cloudflare network over an encrypted Tunnel.
AKA “Cloudflare for Teams”. Cloudflare Access effectively creates a private network for all your devices. Along with all your internal applications. So your global team network is protected whether on premise, hybrid, or in the cloud.
Cloudflare Spectrum extends webserver protection to other services. Including email, remote server access, gaming services, and other TCP or UDP services.

Please note that most of these features are available in my standard packages. But some are extras and I will make that clearer when I describe each feature in detail.

Anyway, my standard packages include enough security features for most small to medium enterprises. But it’s comforting to know that your basic business website can grow to an international platform as your team expands. By using scalable security services that can protect your growing asset value.

How do security concerns affect your business website plans? Share your stories on the Feedback Form below. Then I can respond to any questions you have about digital asset security.

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