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Cloudflare Business Website Speed Features

Every business website owner wants fast growth of traffic and value. Because serving your website customers promptly is just as important as serving physical customers.

You’ve probably seen several reports of low sales, dissatisfied customers, and poor search engine performance when sites are slow. So here is an encouraging summary of Cloudflare Speed Features.

Cloudflare Speed Features Purpose

My purpose in writing this article is to introduce Cloudflare to website managers who are unfamiliar with its features. Because the purpose of this website is to help you grow the asset value of your website. So just like your physical assets, you need tools that help you maintain and improve asset performance.

Cloudflare Business Website Speed Features

Cloudflare speed features that provide faster service for your website customers are:

Content Delivery Network (CDN)
A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of distributed servers. That network delivers your business website pages and other web content to your visitors. Depending on your business location and the locations of your customers.
Website Optimizations
Cloudflare Website Optimization Services include:

  • Browser Insights
  • Image Optimization
  • Enhanced HTTP/2 Prioritization
  • Rocket Loader
  • TCP Turbo
  • AutoMinify
  • Brotli

All of which reduce the time your customers have to wait for pages to be displayed.

Domaain Name Servers are an essential part of the Internet. Because they allow your customer’s browser to find the server that holds your website. Cloudflare DNS is the fastest.
Load Balancing
Different servers in the Cloudflare global network get particularly busy as traffic patterns change. But Cloudflare uses advanced load balancing techniques to avoid bottlenecks before your website can become slow.
Argo Smart Routing
Similar to Load Balancing. Which improves speed within Cloudflare. Argo Smart Routing improves your webserver connection into the Cloudflare network.
Using advanced compression techniques. Railgun™ provides additional performance improvements.
Cloudflare Stream is an affordable solution to streaming high quality video at speed.
Cloudflare Workers allow JavaScript code to run in the cloud. This makes complex applications run extremely fast.
Mobile SDK
Cloudflare Mobile SDK includes monitoring and diagnostic tools for app developers. So fast, reliable mobile apps to serve your custoemrs are easier to develop.

Please note that most Cloudflare speed features are included in my standard managed business hosting packages. But some are extras. So I will make that clear when I describe each feature in detail.

Anyway, my standard packages include enough speed features for most small to medium enterprises. But it’s comforting to know that your basic business website can grow to an international platform as your team expands. By using scalable performance services that can match the speed of your growth.

How do speed concerns affect your business website plans? Share your stories on the Feedback Form below. Then I can respond to any questions you have about business website speed.

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