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Assetization for Business Websites

I’m surprised but delighted by the amount of interest in my new direction – assetize your website. So it seems there’s lots of interest in treating your website as a business asset instead of a cost center. But my continuing research into marketing this proposition has led me to consider other aspects of assetization.

Now if you’re looking for the usual explanation of how my services add value to your enterprise look away now. Because I’ve written this article to prompt a debate about how assetization affects our businesses in different ways. Including what we all need to consider as consumers attitudes to assetization changes.

My Business Assetization

I’ll keep this to a minimum because this website is about adding value to your enterprise not mine. Anyway, here’s how assetization affects my business:

  1. I’m changing all my marketing to emphasize assetization. So what you pay for website services should boost your balance sheet with a healthy website valuation.
  2. I’m considering the opposite. That is, providing websites as a service. So you pay a monthly amount for prospects, leads, and orders without ever owning a website.

So that’s for me to recognize different enterprise goals. Then deliver services in different ways to satisfy those goals.

Their Business Assetization

Of course, lots of businesses adopt new marketing processes to recognize changing buying trends. So Sineau recognizes this[1]. Referencing Ikea and other companies who are changing platforms to support rental, resale, and fractional ownership.

Ultimately those trends affect all enterprises in some way or other. But especially your businesses that sell goods…

This could mean that brands rent out part of what they produce and keep it on their balance sheet. In which case you should expect new classes of asset-backed securities to emerge in order to finance this new business model.

You should also anticipate rental companies to become important firsthand buyers as more and more consumers subscribe to their service, thus gaining significant purchasing power over brands.

Assetization Web Page Stages
How do you assetize your web pages?

Your Business Assetization

Each enterprise assetizes differently. But they all start with vision. Where do you need to change for assetization in your business? How can I help?

Tell me your business assetization story in the feedback form below.

Assetization for Business Websites References

  1. Sineau, T. The Assetization Of Personal Goods. [online] LinkedIn (2019). Available at: [Archived 11 April 2020].

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