Purpose of KeCaTa.com

Purpose of KeCaTa.com

The purpose of KeČaTa Community is to encourage online learning and earning. So it’s up to you if you just want to learn about something. Or if you also want to use that knowledge for self-interests such as income or promoting good causes.

If you are looking for income generation, note that KeČaTa Community supports your business management team. But KeCaTa.com is not a substitute for professional legal and accounting advice.

By reading my explanations and experiences you will understand how to use bbPress forums better. Also, you might consider learning more about managing WordPress websites. Either way, that helps you to ask your professional advisers better questions and understand their advice.

Why KeCaTa.com?

I started KeCaTa.com as a personal project for Keith Taylor. Because I needed a hub to host my WordPress MultiSite installations. Currently, I’m completing this part of my network by creating basic documentation for the common bbPress forum features that I’ve configured for each community website.

Subsequently, I realized that other people can benefit from what I have learned about earning a living online. So I intend to invite like-minded individuals to collaborate on projects with me. Or to start their own project in the KeČaTa Community. In order to generate income or interest in causes that they wish to promote.

Interestingly, at least one study makes it clear that Internet learning allows you to earn more money[1].

We found earnings gains not only for workers currently using the Internet on the job, but also for workers who used the technology at home but not at work.

So I invite you to make the best use of the KeČaTa Community to improve your quality of life.

KeČaTa Community Technology

I’ve explained the main purpose of this website as a learning community hub. But the site has a further purpose as a center for the WordPress-based technology that I use to host the community. So KeCaTa.com also hosts information about how the hub works. Because I want the technology to be open to all users.

A significant addition to standard WordPress Multisite is my use of CloudFlare. Because this gives safety and security benefits while improving speed. Also, CloudFlare allows me to offer additional features through built-in apps.

Since this is not the main purpose, I will not explain more here. But you will see several pages on this website that exist to support open management of the KeČaTa Community.

KeČaTa Community Purpose image
KeČaTa Community Purpose image

Your KeČaTa Community

Because I learned how to manage WordPress websites, I want to open my network to provide similar opportunities for you. Then, you can join my network to gain knowledge for whatever purpose you like. So, I’ll adapt my Life Purpose to your online learning and promotion needs:

Who Am I?

Keith Taylor, your Managed WordPress friend.

What Do I Do?

Manage a network of WordPress websites that encourage learning through the study of scientific facts. Also, I present ways to achieve benefits from knowledge through increased income or the ability to promote non-commercial self-interests.

Who For?

Uninformed, misinformed, or confused website managers and wannabees.

What do they Want?

Help improving traffic counts and visitor quality. Or help to start an online enterprise.

How do they Change?

They learn how to provide better content and enjoy more rewards from publishing their ideas.

In a nutshell, you use KeCaTa.com for one or both of two purposes:

  1. Be an active member of at least one KeCaTa.com learning community. Then learn how to overcome the problems covered by that community.
  2. Collaborate in a project about your interests or start your own project. So that you can earn income or generate support for causes you want to promote.

For clarification, you can ask about managed WordPress websites in the KeČaTa Community forum.

Leave Purpose of KeCaTa.com to read more about the KeČaTa Community.

Purpose of KeCaTa.com References

  1. DiMaggio, Paul, and Bart Bonikowski. “Make money surfing the web? The impact of Internet use on the earnings of US workers.” American Sociological Review 73, no. 2 (2008): 227-250.