Wondrous Me (1drous.me) Introduction

Wondrous Me (1drous.me) Introduction is a brief introduction to the website. So the purpose of this page is to encourage you to learn more about the 1drous.me services. In particular, I hope you subscribe to its update service so that you can read the latest facts about website authorship credibility.

Who needs 1drous.me?

1drous.me services help anyone who publishes information on the Internet. Usually, that’s website owners or people who are considering starting a website. But it’s also useful for people who publish articles or maintain social media pages. Because it helps you gain credibility as an author in 3 ways.

1drous.me Authorship Services

Note that all these services are free from monetary cost. But you do have to invest time to get benefits. However, you might find KeČaTa Community members who will do some of the work for reasonable rewards. Although that is a future consideration rather than an active service.

The 3 services are:

Authorship Learning

All the articles on 1drous.me serve the purpose of teaching you the principles of effective authorship. So that shows you how to gain credibility as an Internet author. Also, if you need personal help applying those principles to your unique situation, you can ask in the KeČaTa forum.

Authorship Profile Website

This is a fully functioning WordPress Website where you can link all your personal profiles and other pages that identify you as an author. Because this tells search engines exactly who you are and what you’ve published.

It started as a replacement for Google’s Authorship program when they stopped including author profiles in search results. But since July 2018 this is even more important. Because Google quality raters now consider author quality when rating search engine results.

Also, you can optionally use this free website for a personal blog. As I do at Keith.1drous.me. So as well as authorship credibility, you can use YourAuthorSite.1drous.me for anything you like. So long as it’s legal and non-exploitative.

Authorship Semantic Datasets

This is a new service for 2018. Whereby you support your own structured data markup with additional records in 1droPedia. As this is a new service, I don’t have documentation yet. Which is an excellent reason for you to get your…

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