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KeČaTa Community Sites are a collection of websites featuring mostly factual information sites with some associated community support sites. So this page introduces each KeČaTa website with links to detailed information. Because the purpose of each introduction page is to encourage you to become an avid reader. Hopefully, then you’ll become an active contributor. Ultimately, the finest among you will become KeČaTa Collaborators.

All these websites are hosted on WordPress and managed by the KeČaTa Community Management Team. Currently, that is mainly a team of 1 person, Keith Taylor. But I plan to create team opportunities soon. So if you want to get involved, introduce yourself in the KeČaTa Community Forum.

KeČaTa Community Sites List

List of KeČaTa Community Websites
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Your KeČaTa Community Website

I run the KeČaTa Community for you. So stake your claim on whatever websites interest you:

  1. Start reading about subjects that interest you.
  2. Subscribe to the update notices by email.
  3. Contribute to the forum.
  4. Collaborate on new articles and improvements.

But if you don’t find what you want, ask about new KeČaTa websites in the forum.

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