About KeČaTa

The KeČaTa Community is a safe haven for Fast Managed WordPress Hosting.

KeČaTa began as a project to host Keith Taylor’s websites. Keith is a leading exponent of non-exploitative Internet information. He learns about a wide variety of subjects. Then he teaches other people how to learn. At the same time, Keith earns a living from his Internet content through advertising revenue and product commissions. At KeČaTa, this model of earning while learning is open to everyone.

You can join the KeČaTa as a learner, as an earner, or as both. Just ask in the KeČaTa Community Forum.

This section of the website explains how KeČaTa works.

About KeČaTa

As I publish pages about KeČaTa, and how it works, I will add them here:

The KeČaTa Community website has 2 purposes. 1) help you use bbPress to get better answers in the forums. 2)Use a Managed WordPress site as a learning and earning resource. Get involved now for a higher quality of life. Read Purpose of KeCaTa.com now.
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Do you want to be part of an Internet community where learning is fun? How about enjoying your new knowledge with more earning power and influence? See the KeČaTa Community Sites List to choose your next online project. Or start a new web enterprise with friendly experts.
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A list of topic tags used in the KeČaTa Community Forums.
Membership Registration
It’s easiest to register with one of the Social Networks: But if you can’t do that, you can register and log-in with the old, slow username and password method. See how to do it in Keith Taylor’s Log-in Help.

Your KeČaTa

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KeČaTa is run by you. You can influence how KeČaTa works. Get started now and ask in the KeČaTa Community Forum.

During October 2018 I am introducing new content to help visitors explore the growing KeČaTa Community. So I’m experimenting with mind maps. Here’s an example that is not yet complete. Because I want to test it thoroughly here, across different platforms, before I extend it to all websites.