About KeČaTa

The KeČaTa Community is a safe haven for Fast Managed WordPress Hosting.

KeČaTa began as a project to host Keith Taylor’s websites. Keith is a leading exponent of non-exploitative Internet information. He learns about a wide variety of subjects. Then he teaches other people how to learn. At the same time, Keith earns a living from his Internet content through advertising revenue and product commissions. At KeČaTa, this model of earning while learning is open to everyone.

You can join the KeČaTa as a learner, as an earner, or as both. Just ask in the KeČaTa Community Forum.

This section of the website explains how KeČaTa works.

About KeČaTa

As I publish pages about KeČaTa, and how it works, I will add them here:

KeČaTa Community Topic Index
A list of topic tags used in the KeČaTa Community Forums.

Your KeČaTa

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KeČaTa is run by you. You can influence how KeČaTa works. Vote for existing ideas and tasks in Keith’s Internet Support Services (KISS) Tasks. All you need to do is log in and mark ideas you like as your Favorites. Every task has a Favorite link next to the Topic Title. Just click the link to mark it as a Favorite. That gives the task a higher priority, so Keith completes it quicker. You can see which topics you have marked as Favorites in your User Profile.

A better way to influence how KeČaTa is run is to add your own ideas to the Task List. Any idea that makes the Internet easier to use is a great idea. Suggest new KeČaTa tasks now.

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